Over the past quarter-century The Muppet Christmas Carol has earned a place among the classics. I’ve seen people rank it as the best Christmas Carol, the best Christmas movie, even one of the best Muppet movies! And I’m not here to rain on your parade. If you enjoy the movie, then by all means enjoy it! But it has all been a little strange to me because I saw it when it came out in 1992 and I did not care for this movie.

I was beginning to gather my thoughts, thinking I might write about it. The problem was…

After running a seemingly endless series of races with Ben in the park, I suggested we do a “meditation race.” I said, “We meditate, and whoever reaches enlightenment first, wins.”

I was joking. All I wanted was to take a little break. But he said, “OK — how do we do that?” So I attempted to tell him something about meditation.

“Um,” I said, “you close your eyes and try not to think about anything. When a thought comes, you don’t force it out. You just let it pass through. And try to empty your mind again.”

“So how do…

Countless articles, websites, and YouTube videos describe a phenomenon they call “the Mandela Effect.” In short, this phenomenon occurs when a significant number of people share the same false or faulty memory (of a name, object, event, etc.). We know our minds play tricks on us, and when we meet clear evidence that our memory is faulty, it is easy enough for us to say, “I was wrong.” But when a whole group of people vividly remember a thing that is plainly contradicted by the facts, it feels as if something odd, if not spooky, is going on.

Some “Mandela…

Danny Pitt Stoller

I’m OK, you’re OK

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